Perspectives on the Law and Policy for Operating Nuclear Power Projects in Nigeria

A. E. Akeredolu


There is no doubt that Nigeria needs to engage more in alternative off grid energy sources to improve its power supply. Although several countries have for decades successfully operated nuclear power plants, the adoption of nuclear power plants in Nigeria remain contentious mostly because of the real risks associated with disposal of its waste products and accidents. Nuclear technology has however advanced greatly, reducing these risks even in developing countries. This paper therefore examines the law and policy for operating nuclear power projects in Nigeria to determine the adequacy or otherwise of same and to make proposals to ensure that the foundation for implementing and adopting this technology is gotten right. The basic principles of nuclear law are also identified and highlighted for inclusion in the Nigerian legal framework. It is hoped that this paper will create awareness as regards nuclear power generation, as well as address the concerns that the adoption of nuclear power generation can throw up in a developing economy such as Nigeria.

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